Beyond Sports

Timoteo is so much more than a sports league.

At our very core we are a mentoring program. Aside for the mentoring that goes on the field between the coach and players, we also developed some other avenues.

We developed the Locker Room, which is a set of workshops to help our players gain new skills such as interviewing, resume writing, filling out applications, etc. This past year we partnered with Vocatio to run the Locker Rooms.

We also developed a monthly mentor training for our coaches called, the Coaches Huddle.

This past year we partnered with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) to create the Players Huddle. For the players Huddle we had Philadelphia Eagles players meet with the youth leading Bible studies and sharing pieces of their stories.

Through camps, friendships, coaching, trainings, and more, we are seeing fruit of our work as youth are becoming coaches, going into the work force, and some are going on to college as well.

Timoteo Making an Impact

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